Saved by the Bell

Hush. Don’t even say it. Yes, SOME may think of Saved By the Bell as a 90s show, but just slow your roll, ok? Because this bad boy debuted in 1989, people! Totally counts!

Let’s reminisce. Remember the time Kelly got a zit on her nose right before the big Homecoming dance? What about when we first met Slater? How could we forget the Bugle Boy jeans HE was wearing? (Oh. Right. We couldn’t, because they came up to his armpits.) And Zack Morris, you will forever have the hearts of any and all girls who were blessed enough to have you grace their television screens in 1989…

The show followed a group of kids through the halls of Bayside High School as each dealt with your typical (read: superficial) problems… Of course, there were the occasional episodes that tried to touch on a bigger topic: Jessie’s on drugs! (Hands down the best drug related freakout ever broadcast… “I’m so EXCITED! I’m so… SCARED!!!”) The gang wrecks Zack’s dad’s car after having a few drinks at a toga party! And what about the year Zack brings home a homeless guy for Christmas? Oh Zack Morris, a scamp with a heart of gold if we’ve ever seen one!

Even though the show was an ’80s show’ for only a few months before the turn of the decade, it did go on to be a hit in the 90s (booooooo!), and there were a couple of spin offs (“The College Years”, some random show with only Screech and Mr. Belding, etc…). So, yes, SBTB, we’ll take that one year and we will RUN WITH IT. Because you, Mr. Morris, are just that awesome.

We ♥ Saved By the Bell.


~ by weheart80s on December 8, 2011.

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