Lady Lovely Locks

“She can change from a sweet, young maid to a lady with glowing braids…”

Hey, girls! Sick of those super-cute Barbie dolls with their fashionable clothes and manageable haircuts? Want something a little more dated? With hair you couldn’t control with a weedwhacker and a gallon jug of AquaNet?

Meet Lady Lovely Locks.

The 1987 brainchild of the same American Greetings folk who bestowed the Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake upon us, Lady Lovely Locks (and her posse) gave girls across the country a new plaything… assuming you didn’t mind dolls with hair that closely resembled your mom’s overgrown spider plant.

Sure, when you opened the box, Lady, Maiden FairHair, and Maiden CurlyCrown had heads of hair that rivaled a Breck girl, but after, oh, five minutes… well, let’s just say rats’ nests were more becoming. And the Pixietails? Sure, they were supposed to help Lady, but really–– they just made things worse.

…not that we’re complaining (that much).

By the turn of the decade Lady Lovely Locks was all but forgotten, but for a few years there, we whiled away plenty o’ hours with Lady and her friends. And yes, we even watched the cartoon… and read the books.

And then we’d get back to combing. And brushing. And de-tangling.

We ♥ Lady Lovely Locks


~ by weheart80s on December 13, 2011.

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