Mickey’s Christmas Carol

“My partner Jacob Marley, dead seven years today… ah, he was a good’un. He robbed from the widows and swindled the poor…”

Nestled snuggly between Bugs Bunny’s Christmas Carol in 1979 and the George C. Scott version from 1984, we had Mickey’s Christmas Carol, arguably the most kid-friendly (and briefest) of all the Christmas Carol versions.

Since we couldn’t have everyone’s favorite big-eared rodent alienating his fan base by playing the perpetually-grumpy Ebenezer Scrooge, that honor went to ol’ Scrooge McDuck… which, we suppose, makes sense when you think about it; he was named after the guy, after all.

So Mickey picked up the slack as Cratchit, brought his buddy Goofy along as Marley, and cute little Jiminy Cricket? Well, he’s the Ghost of Christmas Past.

If you want to get your kids going on the Christmas Carol fable, Mickey’s version may just be your best choice. Clocking in at an almost obscenely quick 26 minutes, with nothing even remotely scary (the lone possible exception being Christmas Future’s short-lived flaming coffin of doom), it’s as happy and fun as they come. Seriously– Goofy plays Marley, for heaven’s sake.

…so you can bet we gathered ’round the television every holiday season (starting in 1984) to watch NBC’s airing of this Disney-rific holiday classic.

God bless us, everyone (even the cigarette-smoking weasels who stole the show as the gravediggers).

We ♥ Mickey’s Christmas Carol.


~ by weheart80s on December 15, 2011.

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