Electronic Talk ‘n Play

The 80s didn’t have a lot of things. And ‘fashion sense’ was one of them. More specifically, we didn’t have a lot of cool, gadgety electronics to fiddle with. Heck, we were doing well if we had a BetaMax (…or so we thought). There were no iPods, eReaders or anything like that.

There was, however, the Electronic Talk ‘n Play. And we like to think it really raised the bar for kids’ electronics.

Let’s call it the 80s version of the Kindle except, you know, not NEARLY as high tech. But hey, it was the 80s, and we didn’t know any better, so to us it was just short of amazing. I mean, it read the book to us! It allowed US to answer questions! Plus, it was all there under the guise of EDUCATION. This was a win/win, folks.

In 1984, CBS Toys produced the Muppet’s Electronic Talk ‘n Play. Exciting for us, sure, but not so exciting for anyone with sensitive ears; this thing’s maximum volume level was set to EXTREME, which of course, was our favorite setting. The device let us choose a book (with an accompanying cassette tape) and then –voila!– the characters were right in our living room telling us a story and giving us options. Pretty fantastic for 1984, if you ask us.

Alas, as with all electronic devices, it soon became outdated and no longer a prized possession. That’s ok though. Christmas in 1984 sure was grand for the lucky kids that got an Electronic Talk ‘n Play from Santa.

We ♥ Electronic Talk ‘n Play.

~ by weheart80s on December 20, 2011.

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