Midnight Run

“Can I ask you something? These sunglasses… they’re really nice. Are they government-issue, or all you guys go to the same store to get them?”

Since, you know, Jack Walsh was ‘unpopular with the Chicago Police Department’, he wound up over at Moscone Bail/Bonds. And then he got that call from Eddie… an easy gig. A midnight run, for Christ’s sake!

But nothing is ever as easy as it seems, and we were all the beneficiaries. A simple cross-country job turned into one of the most hilarious and flat-out awesome movies of the 80s.

With Robert DeNiro as Jack, Charles Grodin as his bounty (Jonathan ‘The Duke’ Mardukas), and a plethora of other great faces from the 80s (Beverly Hills Cop‘s John Ashton, Crime Story‘s Dennis Farina, and The Running Man‘s Yaphet Kotto), Midnight Run hit a home run in the summer of 1988.

Instead of just a simple ‘get-your-man-to-LA-in-5-days’ flick, screenwriter George Gallo crafted a bit of comedy genius, full of so many memorable characters and one-liners that it’s hard to narrow them down.

Suffice to say that we’ll always remember Agent Foster-Grant, that The Duke ‘can’t fly’, and that you can use the litmus configur-uration to tell if money is counterfeit.

Midnight Run only took in $38 million at the box office, and it’s still one of the more forgotten gems from the 80s, but for those of us who have seen it, loved it, seen it again and again, and loved it even more, well… it’ll be remembered as a little piece of heaven from our favorite decade.

Serrano’s got the disks! Serrano’s got the disks!

We ♥ Midnight Run.


~ by weheart80s on December 26, 2011.

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