Like a Virgin

“I made it through the wilderness… somehow I made it through-ooo-oooo…”

“Mom? What’s a virgin?”

“Where did you hear that word, Timmy?”

“It’s on the radio. Madonna’s singing ‘Like a Virgin’.”

“Well, I don’t want you listening to the radio anymore.”

“Aw, ma!”


Sigh. “Okay, mom. But what’s a virgin?”

Madonna was hot. Like, ‘Africa’ hot. White hot. The hottest thing since…. well, you get the idea.

After her debut album burned up (“Burning Up”… get it?) the charts in 1983, we all waited eagerly for her follow up. And there it was, gracing the shelves of Musiclands across the country in November 1984.

Like a Virgin.

And the first single? Yep, “Like a Virgin”.

Written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly, the song was an instant hit… climbing up the charts with reckless abandon, finally reaching the top spot at the end of the year, making it the last #1 of arguably the best year in music EVER… 1984.

In all, the racy (though only for the under-15 set) tune spent six weeks at #1 and 19 weeks on the chart overall. It was Madonna’s first #1 hit, the tune that made her mainstream, and the subject of one of the most memorable performances in the history of the VMAs.

No, we’re not entirely sure how you can be ‘like’ a virgin (and Madonna agrees), but we’ll freely admit that we like the song. A lot. Like, a whole lot. Like… well, you get the idea.

We ♥ Like a Virgin.

~ by weheart80s on December 28, 2011.

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