Saturday Supercade

“It’s Saturday Supercade, gather round, we’ll get your video friends together…”

What’s better than a Q*Bert cartoon? How about a Q*Bert cartoon with a Donkey Kong cartoon, a Pitfall Harry cartoon, and (yes ‘and’!) a Frogger cartoon?

We know… awesome, right?

When Saturday Supercade premiered on CBS in the fall of 1983, we were treated to a arcade game-lover’s dream. Forget The Smurfs and Shirt Tales… this, folks, was what Saturday morning cartoons were all about.

From Mario trying to rescue Pauline from the clutches of that big ol’ ape, to Q*Bert and his chicky (Q*Tee) standing up to thugs like Ugg and Coily, to Frogger chasing down stories for The Swamp Gazette, there wasn’t much not to love about the Supercade.

They were even nice enough to keep things fresh for us in the 2nd season, ditching Frogger and Pitfall for Space Ace and Kangaroo. Now that’s how you keep little 80s kids hooked… are we right?

Sure, after two seasons the Supercade bowed out to make room for Muppet Babies… but from 1983-85, there wasn’t much that could drag us away from TV on Saturday morning.

“It feels so right, because it’s Supercade time”, indeed.

We ♥ Saturday Supercade.


~ by weheart80s on December 29, 2011.

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