I Like the Sprite in You

“I like the way you make me laugh, I like the funny things you do-ooo…”

We all had a style all our own (it was the 80s, after all…), so of course we liked the Sprite in you.

By the time the latter part of our favorite decade rolled around, Sprite (the leader in the caffeine-free, lemon-lime soda department) began to notice a trend; more and more teenagers were considering it hip to drink that funky ‘Lymon’ goodness. So, in what was one of the more inspired marketing moves of the time, parent company Coca-Cola launched a new campaign featuring ‘young’ people doing all kinds of crazy, quirky, nutty things… all while being celebrated for having their Sprite-thing goin’ on.

Whether it was a woman stripping off her work clothes to reveal a cherry-red bathing suit as she paraded down Broadway, a hip chick sauntering into an elevator with her one-man-band get up, or a lady disciplining her pet frog for hopping across her desk, it was all good… because, hey–– everyone’s allowed to have a good time, right?

No, we’re not exactly sure where the ad execs came up with some of the bits that demonstrated ‘hey, these kids just have Sprite in them’ (Stuffing a pet pig under your mink? Really?), but there’s no denying the fact that the jingle (yeah, remember those?) got you singing… and probably even dancing along, too.

And (just maybe) it gave your taste buds a little bit of a push the next time you were staring at a cooler full of soft drinks at the Circle K.

We ♥ I Like the Sprite in You.

~ by weheart80s on December 30, 2011.

2 Responses to “I Like the Sprite in You”

  1. where are the 1980’s diet sprite videos and ads with the handsome blond guy?

  2. For some reason, I LOVE this commercial! I saw it years ago as a teenager and I remember it still today!

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