Full House

What’s a guy to do? His wife is tragically killed in a drunk driving accident and boom! He’s stuck with three young daughters. Clearly, the logical solution is to have his rockstar brother-in-law and comedian best friend move in, right? We mean, that’s what WE would do. After all, who knows how to better raise three girls than three single men?? (Well, other than Tom, Steve and Ted, of course.)

So there we have the setting for the television show Full House which grabbed a quick three years in our decade before graduating to the 90s for yet another five.

Hijinks galore with wise-cracking Uncle Jesse (who sported one fantastic mullet), and who can forget Uncle Joey? Not us. (Definitely not Alanis, who’s ‘Ode to Coulier’ launched her on the path to superstardom in 1995.) And then, with foul-mouthed, real-life comedian-gone-soft for the fatherly role of Danny Tanner is none other than Bob Saget himself. (Yeah, we have no idea how he landed that gig either, but it worked… so we’ll refrain from complaining.)

Sure the girls (DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle) were a handful at times, but they were never more than the guys could handle. Conveniently, almost all of their troubles could easily be solved by their dad or one of their uncles. (Handy how that works out, isn’t it?)

Originally part of ABC’s TGIF lineup (ah, how we miss that lineup) Full House focused on typical household issues one might have with younger girls (boyfriends, sibling rivalry, etc) but of course, like any good show in the 80s, it would sometimes hit on more serious matter. Remember when Steph was terrified after the earthquake and got obsessed with never leaving her dad’s side? (Be honest. You thought she was a wimp too, didn’t you?)

Nevertheless, the show was a hit and remained on the air all the way into 1995. There’s even been talks of making a movie based on the show (according to John Stamos), but most of the cast seems uninterested in such a project. It’s ok, Tanners. We don’t think we’d be THAT interested either.

Ok, we would probably rent it. But that’s it.

(Hey, it involves the 80s! Quit judging us.)

We ♥ Full House.


~ by weheart80s on January 5, 2012.

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