Ready Player One

Are you guys ready for this? We’re not sure you are…

Only one other time in the history of Best of the 80s have we ever given you a post about something that wasn’t born in the best decade ever, and of course, it was necessary. (Seriously, with the reviews Take Me Home Tonight was getting, none of you all would have seen it without our stellar stamp of approval.) Anyway… today, we bring you yet another item that’s totally worthy of a spot on our site.

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is a virtual 80s memorabilia playground. Set in the future (2045 to be exact) the world is pretty much circling the drain. Wars, famine and natural disasters have left little for the liking. Of course, this downfall started many years back and that’s why James Halliday created the OASIS, a virtual playground that anyone can be a part of. The best part? It’s pretty much free!

What happens when something great is happening for the majority of the population? Oh, yup, that’s right. Some jackass has to come along and ruin it! Well, that’s the plot of this story anyways. Fortunately for us, we have Wade Watts, an 18 year old chubby kid who doesn’t have a lot going for him… Except his obsession with the 80s. When Halliday bites the dust (Chill out. That’s not a spoiler.) he tells the entire world that within the OASIS, somewhere, there is a hidden Easter Egg, and whoever happens to find it? Well, they get Halliday’s multi-billion dollar inheritance. NO. BIG. DEAL.

BUT! Remember those jackasses we were talking about earlier? Yeah, they want to start charging for people to use the OASIS, so if they get the Easter Egg… game over. (Pun 100% intended.) Wade, with a couple of online buddies, spend the next few years trying to decipher the clues, and the readers get to spend the next 300+ pages enjoying the ride. With references to pretty much EVERYTHING 80s (Duran Duran, The Last Starfighter, Joust, and much, MUCH more…), if you’re an 80s fan, there is no way you can’t love this book.

It might be set in 2045, but this book was totally meant for the 80s.

We ♥ Ready Player One.


~ by weheart80s on January 13, 2012.

One Response to “Ready Player One”

  1. I really LOVED this book, I hope the movie version is just as good.

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