Mexican Radio

“I feel a hot wind on my shoulder, and the touch of a world that is older…”

If you get within a taco’s throw of the Mexican border, chances are you’ve heard the famous border-blaster stations that George Lucas made famous in 1973’s American Graffiti.

But since this is Best of the 80s we can’t sing the praises of that (admittedly awesome) flick… so we’ll turn to our buddies in Wall of Voodoo instead.

By the time Stan Ridgeway and the boys gave us their slightly off-kilter ode to, well, Mexican Radio, they had already released two largely-ignored albums (and would later release 3 more, also largely-ignored), but in the spring of 1983 you couldn’t blink without seeing his face pop up out of that bowl of pinto beans.

In all, “Mexican Radio” would spend only 9 weeks on the charts, peaking at a lowly #58 in the spring of 1983, but thanks to MTV putting it into every-hour/on-the-hour rotation, Wall of Voodoo will never really be forgotten.

We’re not sure we’d rather be in Tijuana eating barbequed iguana, but we’ll never say no to giving “Mexican Radio” a nice, nostalgic listen.

We ♥ Mexican Radio.


~ by weheart80s on January 18, 2012.

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