Super Bowl XX

Here at Best of the 80s, we do precious little in the way of sports; other than Hoosiers and the 1984 Summer Olympics, our beloved site has been largely sports-free.

But since there were, in fact, many sporting events that happened during the 80s, it seems only fitting that we should talk about them… at least every once in a while.

And so, we find ourselves in New Orleans on January 26, 1986, at Super Bowl XX—— between the Chicago Bears and the New England Patriots.

The Bears were led by head coach Mike Ditka, punky/bad-boy quarterback Jim McMahaon, and the great Walter Payton… and then there was ‘The Fridge’. William Perry clocked in at an astounding 382 lbs, and was a part-time running back. (Pity the poor defense.) No wonder the Bears pit-stopped in the studio on the way to Louisiana to record that famous “Super Bowl Shuffle”.

Ah, the poor Patriots were doomed even before the coin toss or Wynton Marsalis’ amazing rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner.

Sure, on the second play from scrimmage, they forced a Payton fumble, got a quick field goal, and a 3-0 lead—— but let’s not kid ourselves. This was the Bears game, and the Patriots were just lucky to be there.

By halftime, the score was 23-3, and the Patriots had tallied an incredible (yes, that’s a negative sign) -19 total yards.

But halftime wasn’t only a chance for the Patriots to lick their wounds. No, we also got the last-ever Super Bowl appearance of Up With People (“the beat—— beat—— beat—— beat of the future!”). Oh, 80s, sometimes we just have to shake our heads…

Once the game resumed, the carnage continued. And even ‘The Fridge’ got in on the action, rumblin’ for a 1-yard touchdown run in the 3rd quarter to put the Bears up (ack!) 44-3.

The Patriots did manage a charity touchdown in the fourth, but when the final gun sounded, the boys from Boston had sustained the worst loss of any team in Super Bowl history to that point—— a dismal 46-10 loss.

Super Bowl Shuffle, indeed.

We ♥ Super Bowl XX.


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