Alphie II

Yes, we realize that there was a PREVIOUS Alphie but that guy was born in the 70s and do we talk about the 70s around here? Not if we can help it. But, for the life of us, we couldn’t just leave out Alphie the Educational Robot. Was he educational? Eh… He could help us play games. Does that count? Hey! These were games involving numbers and letters and… and… Ok, look we just wanted to own our very own robot. Is that so terrible to admit?


It’s not.

It’s awesome.

Therefore, that line of thinking is why at some point in the 80s, Alphie II was flying off the shelves and into the arms of children all around the USA. And come on. We’ve got to give the guy some credit. He was a little robot you could play games with. It was like a miniature Johnny 5 in our living rooms! Except the whole developing a romance with a human… (At least that never happened with us and if it happened with you, you should maybe keep it to yourself.) But above all else, parents really wanted to provide us with some educational toys (Sesame Street was all the rage, you see) and what better way than with Alphie II the Educational Robot?

Sadly, our little robot was discontinued, left to gather dust in the bottoms of our toybox. A sad fate for any toy but, he didn’t help himself by randomly turning on at times only to convince us that with the faint (and let’s be honest, fairly creepy) electronic jingle of Twinkle, Twinkle maybe he wasn’t just a robot and maybe John Connor was on to something after all.

Of course. That could just be us…

We ♥ Alphie II.


~ by weheart80s on January 23, 2012.

2 Responses to “Alphie II”

  1. Playskool made new Alphie.

  2. […] remembered something like it and asked my mom. She reminded me that I did have one, just with a static, light up face. The four-year-old got a slap bracelet from the dentist (which both his mom and I thought had been […]

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