My Two Dads

“I… I think we’re Father of the Year!”

First we had two moms (sort of) with Kate & Allie… then in the fall of 1987, NBC gave us My Two Dads.

After Michael and Joey’s mutual ex-girlfriend passes away (years after they’d both stopped seeing her), they find out that they’ve inherited her 12-year-old daughter Nicole.

No, we never find out who the real dad is (paternity tests were inconclusive), so both guys take it upon themselves to raise their new-found little girl.

Michael’s the uptight one with the financial job in a big office uptown. Joey’s the loosey-goosey one who does nothing but make sculptures and paintings all day. Hey, it’s The Odd Couple with a kid!

But somehow the three of them managed to not kill anyone or do any permanent damage; even helping Nicole with her boy troubles, school troubles, and friend troubles along the way. And, in return, she helped them with the ladies. Now that’s family bonding!

My Two Dads never made much of a splash, finishing outside the top 20 during it’s entire run… which, after only 3 seasons, came to an abrupt end with Joey moving to San Francisco.

Paul Reiser, of course, went on to star in Mad About You two years later, while Greg Evigan moved on to the mid-90s’ TekWar. And the adorable Staci Keanan? Well, she of course become a happy member of the Foster-Lambert family in the 90s (boooo!) hit Step By Step.

…but we’ll always have the 80s, when the three of them came together to live in that super-cool loft downtown. With that super-cool couch shaped like an old car.

“You can count on me… no matter what you do!”
We ♥ My Two Dads.


~ by weheart80s on January 26, 2012.

2 Responses to “My Two Dads”

  1. One of my favorite 80s sitcoms! And I had a massive crush on Staci Keanan, too. Ha!

  2. I found season 1 in a discout store, it was my birthday and im friends with the clerk so he gave it to me for my birthday. I hooked, Evigan’s theme song is one of the best in TV history and i had such a crush on stacy keenan as a kid.(

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