When Pong first arrived on the scene, playing video games was all about mastering the paddle controller, but then Space Invaders and Asteroids hit, and suddenly the paddle controller was all, like, “Dude, what about me?”


Yes, leave it to Activision to made the paddle cool again with the game of non-stop, can-you-get-there-fast-enough craziness.

The Mad Bomber perched himself at the top of your screen, and slowly (ever so slowly) he started dropping bombs all over the place. Your job? Zip your triple-bucket across the bottom of the screen as fast as you could to nab the little suckers. You miss, you lose a bucket. But for every 1,000 points you scored, you could get it back.

The further you went, the faster the Bomber got until he became nothing but a blur, and your controller dissolved into a puddle of melted plastic and smoke.

Developed in 1981 by ex-Atari programmer (and Activision co-founder) Larry Kaplan, Kaboom! was a thing of beauty, a super-simple (at least in concept) game that helped you while away all those hours when Space Invaders just wouldn’t do.

We ♥ Kaboom.


~ by weheart80s on January 31, 2012.

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