My Sister Sam

For being a cutesy-tootsy sitcom, My Sister Sam will, unfortunately, always be linked to one of the more tragic events of the 80s.

Co-star Rebecca Schaeffer was a bright, funny, and utterly adorable 21-year old actress (destined for greatness, in our humble opinion) when she was fatally shot point-blank by a stalker while standing in the doorway of her own home in July 1989.

My Sister Sam had been off the air for more than a year at the time of her murder, but since that show was really the only thing that most of us had seen her in, well… there you go.

First hitting our screens in the fall of 1986, My Sister Sam found itself nestled snuggly up against CBS juggernaut Kate & Allie on Monday nights. It was the story of a San Francisco photographer played by Pam Dawber (‘Mindy’ of Mork and… fame) and her teenage sister Patti (Schaeffer), shows up one day.

Of course, in typical sitcom fashion there was plenty of ‘irresponsible teenager vs. responsible older sister’ tension. Little Patti, don’t you know it’s not okay to skip school just ’cause your sister’s taking photos of the world’s hottest rock star right there in your apartment? What were you thinking?

Aw, who are we kidding… we’d have done the exact same thing.

My Sister Sam was actually chugging along really nicely until the brass at CBS decided to move it to Saturday nights for its second season, against that brick wall named NBC (The Facts of Life, 227, The Golden Girls, Amen). Within a week or two, it was all over for the show… and by the time it was canceled in April 1988, pretty much no one was watching anymore.

A little over a year later, in the summer of 1989, even we true fans had forgotten about My Sister Sam… until that July day when Schaeffer was rushed to Cedars-Sinai. Alas, thirty minutes after she made it to the ER, she was pronounced dead. Gone way too soon.

Sorry we’re a bummer. But even though there are just some things about the 80s we don’t ♥, we still think they’re worth remembering.

Rest in peace, Rebecca.

We ♥ My Sister Sam.

~ by weheart80s on February 9, 2012.

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