Super Naturals

“They change… to fight with ghostly might!”

Sure, Tonka may be best known for trucks, trucks, and more trucks, but every so often they dabbled in other toys, too. Such was the case in 1987, when the folks at Tonka introduced us to Super Naturals.

The action figure/vehicle series featured something relatively new at the time–– the uber-cool hologram. Now, instead of having to physically transform your toys, all you had to do was shift them a little in the light, and presto! you had a whole new character.

Led by good guy Lionheart, the Super Naturals did battle against the evil Skull and his Ghostlings, including Hooter. (Get your head out of the gutter. He was a wizard who changed into a wise old owl… and no, he didn’t wear fluorescent orange short-shorts.)

Super Naturals also included a handful of vehicles (remember the Bat Bopper?) and the famous (well, relatively famous) Tomb of Doom playset.

What really set Super Naturals apart for us, though, was the fact that they were just a toy. There was no Saturday morning cartoon, no direct-to-VHS movie, no t-shirts, no key chains, no Atari games… nothing.

Of course, with that extreme lack of co-marketing, the Super Naturals were doomed to failure. And sure enough–– by 1988 they were all but extinct.

But hey… that’s why we’re here.

We ♥ Super Naturals.


~ by weheart80s on February 14, 2012.

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