Miami Vice Theme

In the 70s and early 80s, Jan Hammer whiled away his days working with legendary guitarists like Jeff Beck and Journey’s Neal Schon.

Then he got the call from NBC in early 1984 to begin working on the music for a new cop show they were launching in the fall. It was called Cop Rock, and––

Noooo, we’re just kidding.

We’ve already talked about Miami Vice‘s impact on the fashion world, but it had just as huge an impact on music, too. And no man benefited from that more than Jan Hammer (pronounced Yahn Hahmur, dontchaknow).

Not only did his unique, synth-heavy music set the tone for the series, it also launched Hammer into the stratosphere musically. The show’s soundtrack topped the Billboard album charts for four weeks, and the theme song was the last (to date) instrumental to hit #1.

Listening to it now, you can easily pictures the flamingos scurrying down that hill, the windsurfer dipping her head in the water, and the jai alai guy whipping his cesta (hey, that’s what it’s called).

The Miami Vice theme was a song that defined a show that defined a generation. How could we not ♥ it?

We ♥ the Miami Vice Theme.

~ by weheart80s on February 15, 2012.

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