Punky Brewster

If you were of the female persuasion in 1984, there is a very good chance you were keen on Punky’s (pardon us but we have to…) spunky attire, as well as her devil-may-care attitude. What would you expect from a kid destined to have abandonment issues? Good thing she found that old apartment building with that vacant apartment to shack up in! Lord knows, a kid trying to make it on the mean streets of Chicago (while in elementary school) probably didn’t have much appeal…

We gotta be honest. Punky’s backstory was a bit of a downer. Deadbeat dad walks out on her and her mom, and then her mom just abandons her in some random shopping center in the middle of Chicago. Sure, Punky had her dog with her (good ol’ Brandon!), but seriously… is that going to fill that giant, parent-shaped hole in her heart? No way!

But, in a way, we’re a little grateful. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to be so entertained for 30 minutes at a time on Sunday nights.

The show, which starred Soleil Moon Frye, revolved around a group of people who came in and out of Punky’s life, most of whom lived in her apartment building. Henry, a widower who ended up warming to Punky’s ways, became her foster dad and eventually even adopted her (after her short stint back in the care of the state and small time with a snooty family who just couldn’t wrap their brains around Punky’s spunk).

As most 80s tv shows go, Punky’s story lines would sometimes hit a little harder than expected, but we let it slide. We knew it would only be a little while before it swung back around with some light-hearted fun. And she never stopped with those crazy get-ups.

So, yeah, Punky–– sucked for you with that whole parents-ditching-you-in-traumatic-ways thing, but… us? Well, we’re sort of glad they did. Henry would have never softened up if it weren’t for you.

We ♥ Punky Brewster.


~ by weheart80s on February 16, 2012.

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