Topol, the Smoker’s Toothpolish

“See this ugly yellow stain?”

You know, with all the memorable commercials from the 80s, how come the only toothpaste commercial we remember is for Topol, the Smoker’s Toothpolish?

Maybe it’s because we liked brushing our teeth about as much as eating asparagus and, therefore, tended to tune out toothpaste ads… or maybe it’s because those Topol ads were just so darn crazy.

Seriously–– dude blows smoke through that handkerchief, and then tells us about this great product that will keep our teeth sparkly clean. (Not that we would know anything about teeth yellowed from smoking–– it’s not like we ever copped smokes out back behind shop class or anything. Never.)

The strategy worked. Not only did sales of Topol take off in the early 80s, the brand is actually still around today… though, since every other toothpaste quickly hopped on the bandwagon and started offering ‘whitening’ versions, it’s not nearly what it used to be.

But we’re confident there are still people out there using Topol week after week and watching their teeth get brighter and brighter.

We ♥ Topol, the Smoker’s Toothpolish.


~ by weheart80s on February 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “Topol, the Smoker’s Toothpolish”

  1. Another smoking / no-smoking blog would be Muse Airlines. Remember them? They promoted themselves as the first “all non-smoking” airline.

    Can you imagine in today’s time going on an airplane where they have a smoking section?

  2. I want to buy topol were do I find it.

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