“Hey now, kids, come gather ’round. See what just skipped into town…”

We all know the hula hoop was fun (you know… for kids!), but what about a hula hoop for your ankle? Well, now we’re getting somewhere.

When Victor Petrusek secured a patent for the Skip-It in 1989, Tiger Toys jumped on it and turned it into a gold mine.

Part of the genius was how incredibly simplistic the thing was–– a plastic wheely-ball fused onto the end of a stiff stick of plastic, with a foot-sized loop at the other end. Slip your foot through the loop and start (kinda) running in place. PRESTO! You got yourself the hottest new toy, buckaroo!

Skip-It was a late 80s/early 90s phenomenon that took the country by storm. So much so that it was constantly being NEW! and IMPROVED! First, a counter was added to the ball, so you could ‘keep score’, and then we got ‘hot new colors’, and then all kinds of customize-able decorations (you know… stickers and the like).

The Skip-It actually had a pretty decent shelf-life, lasting well into the 21st century. It’s since been discontinued, but is still quite the cult fav. Need proof? Check out this rather amusing video from early 2012.

We ♥ Skip-It.


~ by weheart80s on March 13, 2012.

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