That’s Incredible!

Because ‘real’ people just aren’t incredible enough, ABC stepped up to the plate and attempted to steal some of NBC’s thunder with That’s Incredible in 1980. A direct response to Real People, which debuted a full year earlier, That’s Incredible featured John Davidson, Cathy Lee Crosby, and Fran Tarkenton as hosts.

But the ‘real’ stars of That’s Incredible were the people that were featured every Monday night at 8pm. From incredible survival stories (avalanches! explosions!) to amazing kids (10 year old opera singer! 8 year old gymnast!) to people overcoming obstacles (blind figure skater! handicapped mountain climber!), there was a little something for everyone.

And occasionally (though we didn’t know it at the time) we’d see future stardom for the first time:

That’s Incredible actually did pretty well, finishing in the top 30 its first four years, running neck-and-neck with Real People (though they aired on different nights). And then, in the spring of 1984, ABC pulled the plug. Apparently there were no incredible people in the world anymore.


We ♥ That’s Incredible!

~ by weheart80s on March 15, 2012.

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