Wacky Wallwalker

Well all know how Slinkys would crawl down stairs (alone or in pairs), but what about a slimy, rubbery toy that would ooze and flip down walls?

Ah yes–– the Wacky Wallwalker.

First introduced to America by Dr. Fad himself (Ken Hakuta) after his mother sent some from Japan for his kids, the Wacky Wallwalker was a thing of beauty. It looked like an octopus, came in a variety of colors, and, when you chucked it at the wall or window or mirror or door, they would slowly come unstuck a leg at a time and flip down the surface.

Sure they would attract cat hair and dust like a magnet on steroids, but one simple rinse under the tap, and BOOM! they were ready to go again, amusing kids like us for hours on end.

The Wacky Wallwalker became a HUGE hit thanks to a well-timed Washington Post article about the thing; eventually more than 200 million were sold. (Of course, having Kellogg’s included one in each specially-marked cereal box didn’t hurt either.)

…and you can still find them today in toy stores (and gumball machines) the world over.

We ♥ the Wacky Wallwalker.


~ by weheartthe80s on March 27, 2012.

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