Rock On

“Hey kid, rock and roll, rock on. Ooh, my soul. Hey kid, boogey too, did ya…”

Okay, girls, it’s Happy Swoon Time! All we really need to say is Danny Romalotti, and chances are you’re already feeling a little gooey inside… are we right?

There’s no denying that Michael Damian was THE dreamboat 80s star of The Young and the Restless. Young ladies from far and wide would tune into CBS everyday at 12:30 to watch him fall in love with Cricket and further his music career.

Damian himself actually released a few albums in the mid-80s, but it wasn’t until his cover version of David Essex’s “Rock On” was featured on the soundtrack for the Coreys’ Dream a Little Dream that he finally made it big(ish) musically.

The funky, slow-down beat helped make “Rock On” a huge hit for Damian–– it went all the way to #1 in June of 1989, outperforming the original version even.

Pardon us while we jump up (up) and down (down) in our blue suede shoes.

We ♥ Rock On.

~ by weheart80s on March 28, 2012.

One Response to “Rock On”

  1. I saw Michael perform in a 1988 concert. He was fabulous!

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