Card Sharks

“You can win $32,000 on the turn of a card. Right here on Card Sharks!”

Some 80s game shows were all about asking random trivia questions, some had you correctly guess the price of a tube of toothpaste, and then… well, then there was Card Sharks.

Debuting in 1978 (but finding its heyday in the mid-80s with both a CBS and a syndicated version airing simultaneously), Card Sharks was really two game shows in one. First you had the ‘playing the percentages’ part, where the contestants would have to guess how many of 100 U.S. Congressmen drove a foreign car (the other contestant would then guess if the real answer was higher or lower)… and then there was the ‘card’ part, where contestants would start with the base card and then guess if the next card was higher or lower. And, of course, if the card was particularly troublesome, they could always ‘FREEZE IT!’ Winner goes to the bonus round, where you could bet your cash on the cards on the big board. “All of it…. HIGHER!”

Sure, it was a little convoluted as game shows go, but it sure was entertaining–– especially since the contestants couldn’t just give a simple answer to the questions… they had to explain their answer.

Here’s the lovely Karen’s response to that question:

“I think if you would have asked that question about five years ago, a lot would have said ‘yes’. However, they know who votes for them, and they know the voters know what they’re driving, so I think very few do. I’m going to say… 7.”

Seriously, we can’t make this stuff up.

From Jim Perry to Bob Eubanks to Bill Rafferty, Card Sharks had some of the best hosts in the biz, and the show did pretty well for itself. It’s just another reason, though, that we sit here and mope about how the world needs more game shows.

The answer, by the way? Hopefully you said ‘higher’… it’s 41.

We ♥ Card Sharks.


~ by weheart80s on March 29, 2012.

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