They must have been high.

That’s the only reasonable conclusion we can reach after playing Williams Electronics’ 1982 classic, Joust. The people who designed it must have been high.

To recap: You are a knight dressed in yellow (because we all know how fearsome the color yellow is). You fly around on your ostrich (because we all know how well ostriches fly). You’re hovering over a lava pit (because we all know how common those are). You are hunting knights who fly around on green buzzards (because we all know how buzzards and ostriches are natural enemies). When you hit the buzzard (from above) its knight turns into an egg (because we all know… wait, what?). And then the egg quickly hatches, giving you more knights to fight (okay, we give up.)

Did we mention the pterodactyls?

No fire button. No moving up and down (you had to flap to do that). No aliens. No outer space.

See what we mean? Serious, serious drugs.

Precisely because it was so different, Joust became an instant hit. Loved by gamers and critics alike, it is still remembered today as one of the best from our favorite decade. And the unique, side-by-side two-person gameplay only added to the fun.

Turns out you’d have to be on drugs NOT to like it.

We ♥ Joust.


~ by weheart80s on April 3, 2012.

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