Don’t You Want Me

“You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when I met you…”


The year of “Centerfold”, “Eye of the Tiger”, and “Abracadabra”.

But there’s one song (ONE song!) that ruled the year like no other. One song that still takes you back to those early days of our favorite decade… One song that brings to mind images of a creepy guy on a dark-night movie set and a hot blonde in a trenchcoat walking toward the camera.

Don’t you want me, baby?

The Human League hit musical paydirt in the summer of 1982 with their number-one, synth-pop smash “Don’t You Want Me” from their third (yes, third) album Dare!

With Philip Oakey’s deep vocals and Susan Ann Sulley’s snarly accompaniment (or duet, rather), it was a perfect song to help launch the British New Wave invasion in the early 80s.

Oakey claims he got the idea for the song from a tabloid magazine, but the general plot (boy helps girl get famous, gets ditched) more closely mirrors Judy Garland’s 1954 flick A Star is Born. Either way, it’s just a classic, awesome 80s tune, and from the opening chords and LM-1 drum machine, you can’t help but take a quick trip back to those days, areweright?

“Don’t You Want Me” spent 28 weeks on the charts in all, including 3 weeks at #1 in July 1982. The Human League would never have as big a hit again, but that’s quite alright. Anyone who gives us such a killer song is forgiven.

…and for a little more 80s fun, check out Atomic Tom’s cover (and hilarious video) from the Take Me Home Tonight soundtrack.

We ♥ Don’t You Want Me.


~ by weheart80s on April 4, 2012.

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