Fashion Star Fillies

…because when you buy a toy horsey to play with, it had better damn well be shiny, sparkly, AND anatomically-correct.

My Little Pony? You can suck it. (Just kidding. We, of course, LOVE Minty, Galaxy, and the gang…)

When Kenner’s Fashion Star Fillies arrived on the scene in the 1987, we finally had a true, honest-to-goodness horse for our amusement. The days of cartoonish horseys were gone, replaced with the toy that looked like a real horse (well, except for the shimmery silver skin, the star on its face, the neon legwarmers, and the mane that reached down to its pastern (that’s a little bit o’ horse lingo for you).

In all, there were a whole ton of different FSF lines to hit toy shelves in the late 80s, including the Sassy Sixteens and the popular Feelin’ Fancy Horses (you all remember Chantilly and Devan, right?)

Alas, the spangly fillies were not long for this world, and by the turn of the decade, they’d been put out to pasture. But for those coupla happy years when Fashion Star Fillies were all the rage, well… was there anything better than this?

We ♥ Fashion Star Fillies.


~ by weheart80s on April 10, 2012.

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