When We Was Fab

“Back then long time ago when grass was green, woke up in a daze…”

Depending on how old you were when the 80s rolled around (and how much your parents indoctrinated you in the ways of the best band in history), you may or may not have even known who George Harrison was when “When We Was Fab” hit the charts in 1988. (Yes, his cover of “Got My Mind Set on You” actually charted a few months earlier, but since it didn’t reference The Beatles, you may have just brushed it off as that catchy song by an old, bearded fella.)

“When We Was Fab” was co-written by Harrison and ELO’s Jeff Lynne (another old, bearded fella) as a tribute to George’s days with The Beatles. With a distinctly ‘Beatles-ish’ feel and references to a Fab Four tune (“Taxman”) and a Bob Dylan tune (“It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”), “Fab” was a fun little trip down Memory Lane… for anyone who had a memory of those days, anyway.

And the video? Well, that was even more fun–– featuring fellow ex-Beatle Ringo (who also played drums on the song), Lynne (playing the violin at 1:43), Phil Collins (carrying John Lennon’s Imagine album at 2:03), Paul Simon (pushing a handcart at 2:22), and Elton John (dropping a coin in George’s mug at 2:41).

“When We Was Fab” marked the last time that the late (and, yes, great) Harrison had a solo Top 40 hit. It spent 10 weeks on the charts overall, peaking at #23 in March 1988.

…and as great as the song was, it was maybe even that much better just to see Harrison rockin’ his old (original) Sgt. Pepper suit one last time.

We ♥ When We Was Fab.


~ by weheart80s on April 18, 2012.

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