Classic Concentration

It’s a game we all started playing when we were, what, five? A bunch of tiles laid face-down, and you turned them over a pair at a time, looking for a match.

Couldn’t be easier… which is precisely why it became a game show in 1958, lasting for 14 years (plus another 5 in syndication).

Then, almost thirty years later, it came back again, as Classic Concentration with your host…. Alex Trebek.

The rules were pretty simple–– instead of pictures of dogs and apples, the cards all had prizes on them. Match the prizes, you get the prize, and then you uncover two spots on the game board concealing a rebus of a common phrase. [A car + the letters “bon” + a policeman + a pea pod gives you…? Right! ‘Carbon copy’!]

From there, the winner went on to the Bonus Round–– a board of 15 squares, each with a match for one of eight cars (with one left over). Match seven pairs in the time allowed, and you win the car in the last match you made. See? Fun!

Classic Concentration lasted for four years (plus another two in reruns) on NBC, finally bowing out at the end of 1993.

And even though they kept changing the rules (adding TAKE! cards, making it a best-two-out-of-three match, switching the Bonus Round around), the main idea of the game stayed the same–– just as easy as it was when we were five.

We + heart symbol + Classic Concentration.


~ by weheart80s on April 19, 2012.

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