Out Run

We’ve already sung the praises of Pole Position, but in 1986, the ol’ PP got knocked down a notch or two when Sega unveiled the oh-so-awesome Out Run.

Designed by the great Yu Suzuki, who went on to create video game staples like Enduro Racer and Virtua Fighter, Out Run was the driving game that took things to a whole new level… up to ’11’, so to speak.

Not only do you get to sit behind the wheel of a Ferrari, you have a hot blonde chick by your side, and (AND!) you get to choose your music! (For our money, “Magical Sound Shower” was the way to go.)

And then there were the graphics–– all of a sudden the 8-bit days were pushed to the curb, and 3D-like scenery rocketed to the forefront. Yes, those are snow-capped peaks in the background, and yes, I’d love to take a gander at the boats sailing out yonder in that ocean.

Plus, we haven’t even touched on the fact that you could not only enjoy the real-feel of holding a steering wheel in your hands, but you actually got to pick your route at the end of every stage. (Were you a right-left-left-righty, or a balls-to-the-wall ‘right all the way’ gamer?)

With a gear shift, a ‘you better use it’ brake pedal, and possibly the coolest sit-down console EVER, it’s no wonder Out Run dominated 1986 in the arcades. And, of course, it went home with both the Game of the Year award and the Golden Joystick award.

We’ll argue there’s never been anything like it, either before or since. Game over.

We ♥ Out Run.


~ by weheart80s on May 1, 2012.

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