Lazer Tag Academy

“A thousand years from now–– a perfect world. Lazer Tag champion Jamie Jaren is the sole possessor of Starlyte Power…”

Sure… but what good is that when you’re up against the fiendish Draxon Drear, right?

A few weeks ago we professed our love for the awesome game that was (and still is) Lazer Tag, but then in 1986, our friends at NBC decided to take things a step further and bring the game to life (so to speak) every Saturday at noon, in cartoon form.

Young Jamie Jaren was tasked with keeping the world (both the past and future versions) safe from evil (in the form of Draxon and his pesky caveman-like Skugs). Since she was a whiz with a Starlyte and Starsensor, it was a no-brainer. And who better to help her own ancestors (Tom, Beth, and Nicky) in the 80s? …especially since Draxon was going after Beth because she would go on to invent the Starlye. And if he could stop her from doing that, then there would be no Lazer Tag Academy in the future. And then he would be free to rule the world!! (Maniacal laugh.)

With a distinctly Jetsons-esque flair, combined with a bit of a Voyagers feel, Lazer Tag Academy might have actually been a decent hit… but then Worlds of Wonder (the folks behind Lazer Tag) had to go and be all bankrupt and stuff.

Alas, Lazer Tag Academy only lasted one short season. It would, a few years later, spawn a couple full(er) length movies, but by then the 90s were upon us (Boooooo!) and we would have to just remain content with just our memories of the short, brief life of one of our favorites.

We ♥ Lazer Tag Academy.


~ by weheart80s on May 3, 2012.

2 Responses to “Lazer Tag Academy”

  1. I sorth of hade a crush on Jamie Jaren as a kid.

  2. i never seen a classic animated show call lazer tag academy after its cancel for one season but its time to revive a new lazer tag academy of the 21st century if disney/saban brand will create a remake of the 80s classics into a brand new lazer tag academy by 2016 lazer tag academy will have 6 seasons plus the 2 hours pilot episode movie then no more cancelletion i want lazer tag academy back of 2015 then will game console will do a lazer tag academy video game one actress will play new jamie jaren will be dove cameron from liv and maddie long live the lazer tag universe

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