Mall Madness

If there’s one thing Milton Bradley knew in 1988, it’s that girls LIVED for going to the mall. (And we have to admit, we’re a little surprised it took the game company so long to create a game based on that obsession.)

But there it was… Mall Madness.

It was as fun as a chill-out in the food court and as exciting as a sale at Nordstrom–– but without the crushing debt and decreased closet space.

Each player is given plenty of cash (well, relatively plenty) plus access to a credit card and (gasp!) a bank. And then, with a press of the button, the madness is on. “Quick, there’s a sale at the sunglasses boutique! No… I mean the shoe store! Now get your butt to the record store!”

If you were the first to nab the six things on your shopping list, well… hit the arcade, and you, young lady, are today’s big winner.

Sure, it took FOREVER to set up, but hey, you could always convince your mom that by playing the game you were learning valuable life lessons about spending, saving, and looking for good deals.

Yeah, right. We all knew it was just a dry run for when the galleria opened bright and early Saturday morning.

We ♥ Mall Madness.


~ by weheart80s on May 8, 2012.

One Response to “Mall Madness”

  1. That takes me way back…my cousin had that game! Like the Game of Life, only in a mall…

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