We blame Joseph Shivers.

Somewhere in a DuPont lab in 1959, our man Joe created a polyurethane fiber that could stretch and then (magically!) snap back to its original size.

And somewhere a 5-year-old David Lee Roth smiled.

…for while this crazy new invention was indeed revolutionary, it wouldn’t hit its stride (fashion-wise) until the early 80s–– just in time for Mr. Roth to slap on some leggings and jump around like a Russian gymnast on crack.

If you were in a hair metal band, if you considered aerobics a delightful little hobby, or if your name was Madonna, Spandex was as much a part of your wardrobe as underwear (and sometimes more-so).

It was comfy, it let you move around like you were naked even though you had clothes on, and it came in more colors and designs than Cabbage Patch Kids.

…even black and yellow-striped. Right, Dave?

No, not everyone could pull it off (read: anyone even the least bit ‘pudgy’), but for those of us (Oh, who are we kidding… those of YOU) who could, well–– was there a more prominent fashion trend in our favorite decade?

Spandex is still around, sure, but these days it seems to remain mostly in dance studios, gyms, and on athletic fields.


We ♥ Spandex.

~ by weheart80s on May 11, 2012.

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