Bring on the Night

“The afternoon has gently passed me by. The evening spreads its sail against the sky…”

In the spring of 1984, it all ended. When The Police walked off the stage for the last time at the end of their Synchronicity tour, well… that was it.

NOW what?

Well, if you were Sting, it meant taking a break from pop/rock music and turning to jazz. The Dream of the Blue Turtles was released in June 1985, turning millions of heads as it arrived.

The music was one thing, sure–– but for the story BEHIND the music, we had to wait until November… when Michael Apted’s documentary Bring on the Night hit theaters.

Chronicling the rehearsals for and the opening of the Blue Turtles tour in Paris, Bring on the Night took us inside the reinvention of Sting after the demise of The Police. Alongside stellar musicians like Kenny Kirkland, Branford Marsalis, and Munch Jones, Sting proved that he still had plenty of music left in him, and the result was one of the better albums of the decade. So it only follows that the movie would be pretty darn awesome, too.

Featuring rather candid interviews with Sting (who’s just a wee bit pretentious and obnoxious at times), footage of Sting’s second child being born (on the 2nd night of the tour), and some killer concert footage (including arguably the best “Message in a Bottle” ever recorded, as the closing credits), Bring on the Night was a movie for Sting (and Police) fans the world over.

Turns out it wasn’t the end after all.

We ♥ Bring on the Night.


~ by weheart80s on May 14, 2012.

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