Bionic Six

“While leading a scientific expedition across the Himalayas, Bionic Man Jack Bennett, his wife Helen and four teenage children are attacked by bloodthirsty creatures. Jack fights to protect his family, but the struggle triggers an avalanche which leaves them all trapped beneath an ancient glacier…”

With the crowded action figure field in the 80s, new products had to stand out… had to offer something bigger and better than the other guy.

How about a ridiculously diverse family that shares an ungodly array of superhuman powers? How about a set of toys with such a cool history that it’s printed in its entirety on the back of each figure’s package? How about…

Bionic Six!

Long before Pixar even dreamed about The Incredibles, Tokyo’s TMS Entertainment gave us this animated family of freaky-powerful folks. And, of course, we also got a toy line to go right along with it.

The Bionic Bennett Family (dad Jack, mom Helen, and kids Meg, Eric, J.D., and Bunji) joined up with their robot F.L.U.F.F.I. to battle Dr. Scarab and his evil minions of destruction, including Madame-O, Glove, and Mechanic.

On the cartoon each of them had their own bionic power. But in real life (well, the die-cast metal/plastic action figure world, anyway) they each had a cool accessory (be it gun, backpack, or… Eric’s baseball bat?)

Hey, all we knew is these guys were pretty cool, and the fact that they were metal didn’t hurt, either. Sure, they were a little more prone to rust in the ol’ sandbox, but WOW! Real metal!

And the villains? Well, let’s just say that Dr. Scarab’s “deranged surgeon” get-up wasn’t exactly a comforting vision whenever it was time for our annual check-up. And the fact that his accessory was a hefty pair of pliers? Eek.

Plus, there were the cool ‘other things’, too. The Electronic Flying Laser Throne? Genius! And the Secret Headquarters (Super Hi-Tech Bionic Laboratory)? Man… take THAT Star Wars Death Star playset.

Alas, though, the Bionic Six weren’t long for our world. In all, 65 episodes of the cartoon aired in syndication during 1987, but the toys were gone even quicker, it seemed.

Guess there’s always something bigger and better after all. But that’s alright, F.L.U.F.F.I., we remember you.

We ♥ Bionic Six.


~ by weheart80s on May 15, 2012.

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