Electric Blue

“If a boy had a chance, a chance with someone like you, are you gonna break his heart, let him cry for the moon…”

Ah, the teenage crush. We’ve all been there. Many times.

And in May of 1988, we officially got our anthem–– Icehouse’s “Electric Blue”.

“Electric who“? you may ask? Well, it may not have been a HUGE hit, but we here at BoTE are pretty sure that once you hear it, you’ll recognize it. And it will burrow into your brain for the balance of the day.

Don’t say you weren’t warned:

Written by lead singer Iva Davies and (Obscure 80s Trivia Alert!) John Oates, “Midnight Blue” was a big hit in Davies’ homeland of Australia, a bomb in the UK, and a certified decent hit stateside–– peaking at #7 in May 1988, and staying on the charts for 21 weeks.

It was such a good song, in fact, Oates reportedly told Davies that if Icehouse hadn’t recorded it, he (Oates) would have taken it back home and made it a Hall & Oates single.

If only. A month before this catchy little ditty peaked in the US, Hall & Oates had their last (to date) Top Ten hit with “Everything Your Heart Desires”.

We’re thinking ol’ John sometimes looks back and waxes nostalgic about the one that got away… “Electric Blue”.

We ♥ Electric Blue.

~ by weheart80s on May 16, 2012.

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