You Again?

After a couple years steaming up the small screen as General Hospital‘s Blackie Parrish, John Stamos knew it was time to move on–– much to the dismay of young ladies everywhere.

His next stop was the blink-and-you-missed-it CBS sitcom Dreams, but then in February 1986, he was cast in a new NBC sitcom called You Again?. Stamos was back on TV for real, following Gimme a Break! on Wednesday nights.

While not a part of the comedy stratosphere occupied by The Cosby Show or Cheers, You Again? did have it’s good points. Stamos played Matt Willow, a rock-n-roll dude linking back up with his estranged father (Jack Klugman) after almost a decade apart.

Dad, meanwhile, was a stodgy ol’-timer who had been living happily with his housekeeper Enid (played by Elizabeth Bennett, who was also playing the same role on the British sitcom Home to Roost–– that You Again? was based on).

Overall You Again? was pretty forgettable as laugh track-laden sitcoms go… until part-way through the second season, when the show collided with Stamos’ real-life side gig as the drummer for The Beach Boys:

After just two seasons, You Again? was put out to pasture… but not Stamos. Within just a few months of the show’s demise he was back on TV, having landed a role on a new ABC show called Full House.

…so even though we lost You Again?, we did manage to hold on to Blackie (er… Jesse) for a little while longer.

We ♥ You Again?


~ by weheart80s on May 17, 2012.

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