Keith Haring

Perhaps more than any other artist, the 80s belonged to Keith Haring.

From Swatches to album covers to the wall of an Italian convent, Haring’s work was everywhere in our favorite decade.

Born in Pennsylvania in 1958, Haring caught the ‘art bug’ early, and before he even turned 20 he had moved to New York City to perfect his craft.

Within a few short years, his trademark designs featuring bold lines, bright colors, and amorphous people were all over the place. The more popular he got, the more he used his power for good–– creating AIDS awareness images, perhaps the most famous anti-Apartheid design ever, and the famous ‘Crack is Wack’ mural along New York City’s FDR Drive.

He also made a huge splash in the music world, designing stuff for Madonna, U2, and Grace Jones (among others), and he designed the logo for the A Very Special Christmas series.

Haring was diagnosed with AIDS in 1988, and less than a year later he passed away, at the age of 31. He left behind a legacy of social awareness along with a staggering body of work.

Fortunately, his work has not been forgotten. Just two weeks ago he was celebrated with a Google Doodle commemorating what would have been his 54th birthday.

We ♥ Keith Haring.


~ by weheart80s on May 18, 2012.

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