Broadcast News

“I say it here, it comes out there…”

The business of television news has always been the frequent butt of jokes, but it’s never been given a treatment quite like the 1987 masterpiece Broadcast News.

Starring Holly Hunter, William Hurt, and Albert Brooks, Broadcast News tells the story of a group of people working at a network news bureau in Washington, D.C. From the highs (that spot-on, impromptu coverage of the downed Libyan jet) to the lows (flop sweat, anyone?) of the TV news industry, director James L. Brooks (who also wrote the script) gives us a brilliant, honest story.

But it isn’t just about the business, he also gives equal time to the people themselves. From Hunter’s Jane Craig falling for pretty boy Tom Grunick (Hurt), to Brooks’ Aaron Altman realizing that he’s losing Craig to ‘the Devil’, Broadcast News is sweet, hilarious, and sad… all wrapped up into one.

Plus we get the always-kooky Joan Cusack, her brother John in a perfect cameo, and Jack Nicholson as the deadpan anchor behind the madness.

It may have gone 0-for-7 at the Oscars (The Last Emperor? Really?), but we remember Broadcast News as one of the best, most re-watchable, and downright funniest movies from our favorite decade.

You really blew the lid off of nookie.”

We ♥ Broadcast News.


~ by weheart80s on May 21, 2012.

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