“Starriors are robot warriors…”

They had the coolest name of any early 80s action figure toys (certainly better than ‘Go-Bots’), and the names of the characters were pretty slick, too–– Hotshot, Deadeye, Stinger… but apparently cool names weren’t enough.

Tomy had big plans for the Starriors line of toys (including a cartoon that never materialized), but shortly after their 1984 debut, the robot warriors disappeared.

Those of us lucky to enjoy our time with the Protectors, Destructors, and Guardians, though, had a plenty-good time while they lasted.

Made in conjunction with Marvel Comics, Starriors came with a backstory about the destruction of Earth and a mini-comic that told each character’s story.

There were good guys, sure, and they battled the bad guys, led by (remember?) Slaughter Steelgrave. There was also a playset fortress and a tank, too–– so why the Starrior toys crashed and burned is beyond us. But they did. And they exist now only in our memories… and on eBay.

We ♥ Starriors.


~ by weheart80s on May 22, 2012.

One Response to “Starriors”

  1. GOUGE!!!! It’s Gouge….He’s the only Starrior i had as a kid. And like so many of us, all those great toys we had as a kid just mysteriously disappear into the mists of time, and faded childhood memories:( I remember popping the cockpit dome off his head and taking out the little pilot guy and playing with him too. I think I lost him that way lol. I just remembered a couple days ago an original Transformer I once had. Now the originals are going for rediculous prices on eBay.

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