Patrick Nagel

A few weeks ago, we sung the praises of Keith Haring, arguably the 80s’ most iconic artist. Not too far behind him was Patrick Nagel, whose name you might not recognize… but whose work we’re sure you’ve seen.

Born in Ohio and raised in Los Angeles, Nagel got his start doing television graphic work, but it wasn’t long before his stark, colorful prints of, ahem, hot women got him work with everyone from IBM to Playboy.

Then in 1981 a little band called Duran Duran commissioned Nagel to design the cover for their second album, Rio. And when it hit shelves in May of 1982, Nagel got exposure that some artists only dream of.

Suddenly Nagel was everywhere. Magazines, art galleries, and advertising campaigns all featured his signature designs.

All he did was take a photo and then strip it down to just a few black lines, add some color, and VOILA! … but sometimes less is more, and Nagel had it down to a science.

Alas, young Patrick died of a heart attack in 1984 (at age 38) but not before leaving behind some of the 80s most recognizable images.

“Her name is Rio…”

We ♥ Patrick Nagel.


~ by weheart80s on June 1, 2012.

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