It’s Your Move

After just two seasons as Derek Taylor on NBC’s Silver Spoons, one thing was clear.

Jason Bateman needed his own TV show. And how.

The 80s generation’s Eddie Haskell was as promising a young star as we had seen for a while. And his sly, manipulative (though dead-on charming) ways were already the stuff of legend.

So without further ado, Bateman departed the Stratton mansion and made his way to an apartment complex in Van Nuys.

It’s Your Move debuted in the fall of 1984, and right off the bat it was clear that this was not your grandma’s sitcom. There’s no ooey-gooey happy family moments here–– only the never-ending battle of wits between Bateman’s Matthew Burton and his neighbor (and boyfriend to Matthew’s single mom Eileen) Norman.

Practical jokes, misdirection, and a healthy dose of one-upsmanship ruled the day as each tried to sabotage the other’s life as much as humanly possible.

Look no further than the episode “Love Letters”, which finds the two fellas trying to deduce what’s real and what’s just a sly prank.

Of course It’s Your Move is remembered best for The Dregs of Humanity, the fictional band that Matt created using skeletons from the science lab (no thanks to Eli, who lost the money the school was supposed to use to hire a real, live homecoming band). Strings, pulleys, and levers (and no shortage of fake smoke) helped bring the band to life.

Alas, It’s Your Move was not long for this world–– cancelled after just one season. Bateman, of course, would move on to The Hogan Family/Valerie/Valerie’s Family… but we’ll always remember him from one of our favorite short-lived sitcoms in our favorite deacde.

We ♥ It’s Your Move.

~ by weheart80s on June 14, 2012.

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