Barnyard Commandos

“The R.A.M.S. are on the move, led by Major Legger Mutton…”

If nothing else (and often there WAS nothing else), the people who created toys in the 80s had a knack for naming. From Starriors’ “Slaughter Steelgrave” to Rock Lords’ “Pulver Eyes”, there was quite a bit of creativity (or late-night, drug-fueled brainstorming sessions) happening in our favorite decade.

But it was perhaps those crazy Barnyard Commandos who took the cake. The R.A.M.S. (Rebel Army of Military Sheep) gave us not only one of the decade’s better acronyms, was also got pun-tastic characters like Commodore Fleece Cardigan, Pilot Fluff Pendleton, and Major Legger Mutton.

Seriously. Does it get any better than that?

Barnyard Commandos hit shelves in 1989 thanks to Playmates Toys, and though they fizzled rather quickly, the toys were still around long enough for us to take credit for them as a true 80s gem.

Made of soft, squeezable plastic (think ‘rubber duckie’) and sold with a rather yawn-worthy accessory (Fluff’s airplane fuselage helmet), Backyard Commandos didn’t really DO much, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying them for hours on end.

Plus, with an enemy like P.O.R.K.S. (Platoon of Rebel Killer Swine), how could we not?

In 1990, Legger and the gang scored their own animated cartoon (though it only merited four episodes), and a second series of Commandos were created, too. Not too bad for a bunch of farm animals who ate radioactive feed and turned into the meanest pigs and sheep since Animal Farm.

Seriously, how could you not love a toy line that included a Pork-a-Pult?

We ♥ Barnyard Commandos.


~ by weheart80s on June 19, 2012.

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