The Noid

“Avoid the Noid!”

In the late 50s we got the Trix Rabbit, a poor, unfortunate sap who just wanted to taste a bowl of Trix for himself. Thirty years later, the Noid arrived on the scene–– another sad soul who was repeatedly seeing his efforts thwarted.

But while the Rabbit just wanted some fruity munchies, the Noid wanted to destroy your delivery pizza. It was enough to make you… annoyed! Get it?

Domino’s Pizza first gave us the Noid in 1986, and it stayed a center of their marketing campaign well into the 90s. “Avoid the Noid!” was the rallying cry, as Domino’s explained to people how THEIR pizza was always hot, always high-quality, and never the victim of a squished box… the very things the Noid was responsible for in OTHER pizzas.

As it turns out, The Noid himself WAS not only annoying but also, well, odd. A man (?) in a red catsuit with white gloves, bunny(?) ears, and a big black “N” on his chest? Hmmmmm…

But we’ll give it to Domino’s–– the Noid worked. Not only did sales pick up, but the Noid took on a life of its (his?) own, capped off by the release of the Avoid the Noid video game in 1989. Sure, it was for the Commodore 64, but still… when’s the last time a marketing ploy got its own game? We don’t remember “Where’s the Beef?” for the Atari 2600 or an arcade version of the Grey Poupon fogies, after all.

Nope, the late 80s were the Noid’s world, and we were just living in it.

We ♥ The Noid.


~ by weheart80s on June 22, 2012.

One Response to “The Noid”

  1. I LOVE The Noid !

    In fact, I love him so much that, one year, I got a local Domino’s
    franchise to sponsor my softball team.

    Not only did they pay our league fee, but they also supplied
    every player on the team with very high-quality ‘Noid”

    We were the class of the league that year, not in wins, but in

    I wound up giving my brother that jersey.

    I wonder if he still has it?

    Like the Noid himself, it was an instant classic, and a

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