Nothing in Common

In the spring of 1987, Cheers was finishing up its fifth (and most successful) season. It was #3 in the ratings. A veritable juggernaut.

But as all-powerful as Cheers was, there was one thing it couldn’t do… make Nothing in Common a successful TV show.

Based on the 1986 movie starring Tom Hanks and Jackie Gleason, Nothing in Common (the show) debuted after Cheers on NBC at 9:30, April 2, 1987 (one day earlier, and people may have rightfully taken it as an April Fool’s Prank).

Starring Bill Macy as Max Basner and Todd Waring as his son David, the show centered on a young man and his newly-divorced dad (like the movie). David was in advertising (like the movie). The dad was always getting in his way, and David got cranky about it (like the movie). Heck, Waring even LOOKED like Hanks.

But all the similarities in the world couldn’t help this poor little dud of a show. Even jumping into the time slot Night Court usually held didn’t help this mid-season replacement (perhaps viewers, rightly, were upset that Harry and the gang were taking a wee break). It lasted only seven episodes ––which, by our estimation, is six more than it should have–– and NBC went back to the drawing board.

How forgotten is Nothing in Common? There’s hardly a trace of the show anywhere on the interwebs. Aside from a few vague mentions that it MAY have aired once upon a time, there’s zip, zilch, nada. And as far as YouTube is concerned, the only proof the show ever existed is a quick, grainy glance in an old NBC promo:

It may not have been given much love (or ANY love), but Nothing in Common DID come from the 80s… and as we all know, the worst thing from the 80s is better than the best things from most other decades.

So let’s take a moment to remember the all-too-short life of a forgotten sitcom.


We ♥ Nothing in Common.


~ by weheart80s on July 5, 2012.

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