Trivia Trap

“Welcome to the fascinating world of trivia…”

…and welcome to the only game show that made 35-year-olds feel REALLY old.

Trivia Trap, hosted by Bob “The Newlywed Game” Eubanks, premiered on ABC in the fall of 1984, and it brought with it an interesting premise.

No, not the idea of asking answers to obscure (and some NOT-so-obscure) trivia questions… No, it was the fact that the players were lumped into one of two teams. ‘Juniors’ were folks under the age of 30, and ‘Seniors’ were old fogies that were OVER the age of 30.

Yeah, that seems fair, right?

(Hey, it was the 80s… anything goes!)

Created by Mark Goodson, Trivia Trap was a pretty solid half-hour of game show goodness. The three Juniors (in the blue sweaters) and the three Seniors (in the red sweaters) duked it out in a no-holds-barred, knock-down-drag-out battle of general trivia (What’s the name of the Paul McCartney Fan Club’s official newsletter? What American leader declared, “I have a dream”?). The action was split into two rounds (after a much-needed, mid-season revamping), including ‘Fact or Fiction’ and the ‘Trivia Trap’ round.

From there it was on to the Trivia Race (for $1,000), and then the winning team moved on to the final ‘Trivia Ladder’ round, where team allegiances died a quick death, and it was suddenly ‘every man (or woman) for himself’. After all, $10,000 was at stake.

Perhaps because of the whole Junior/Senior nonsense, or maybe just because it aired opposite The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune, Trivia Trap wasn’t long for this world. After just one season, it went to the great game show graveyard in the sky.

And Bob? Well, fear not–– his game show career kept going just fine. For the next three years he was the man flippin’ the cards on Card Sharks.

By the way… the answers?

‘Club Sandwich’ and (of course) ‘Martin Luther King, Jr.’

We ♥ Trivia Trap.


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One Response to “Trivia Trap”

  1. Great show it was!!! Mark Goodson’s last original idea that made it to series!!!

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