Back to the Future Part II

“There’s something very familiar about all this…”

Just three years from now, we’ll know if it’s all true… if the Cubs really beat Miami in the World Series, if clothes come with built-in auto-dry, or if Jaws 19 is a big hit in theaters.

We’re pretty doubtful on all counts, but, if nothing else, it’ll be fun to find out… when October 21, 2015, rolls around.

When we last left our heroes, Doc had just returned from the future with sobering news–– Marty’s kids were in a heap o’ trouble, and he and Jennifer had to go back with the good Doc to sort things out.

So off they fly (drive? hover?) to the future, and just like that–– Back to the Future Part II is ON!

Along with helping save Marty Jr. from the clutches of big, bad Griff (in the most awesomey awesomest of awesome places–– Cafe 80s!), there was, of course, the small matters of Jennifer waking up to find out she’s 30 years in the future (and then bumping into herself), Marty getting fired via fax, and old fogie Biff ending up with that darn Sports Almanac.

…which brings us to the dystopian parallel universe where Lorraine marries Biff, George is murdered, and Doc winds up in an insane asylum.

…which brings us back to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance and Marty finally getting the Almanac back and setting everything right (while also watching himself set everything right the first time around, too).

…at least until lightning zaps the DeLorean and Marty gets that letter from Doc… from 1885!

Head. Spinning.

For reasons that have been lost to time, Back to the Future Part II actually tanked at the box office (relatively speaking), earning only about half of what the 1985 original earned. Sure, it was the 6th biggest movie of 1989, but great Scott… if they hadn’t shot Part III at the same time, who knows? Maybe BttF would have just been a two-movie franchise.

Maybe it was the fact that neither Crispin Glover (as dad George) nor Claudia Wells (as girlfriend Jennifer) returned for the sequel (Crispin over money, Claudia ’cause her mom was sick), or maybe it was just that it took four years for Part II to hit theaters…

Who knows? All we can say is that thankfully history has been kinder to Back to the Future II, and it exists today as worthy part of one of the best trilogies ever.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re gonna grab our hoverboard and head over to Cafe 80s for a little Wild Gunman.

We ♥ Back to the Future Part II.


~ by weheart80s on July 16, 2012.

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  1. I must go and watch all these films again.

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