Love Shack

“If you see a faded sign at the side of the road that says fifteen miles to the…”

It may have just been a random thing, or it may have been very, very intentional… but when Steve Jobs introduced the world to iTunes in January 2001, the first song that he used to demonstrate the software’s CD-ripping capabilities was…

Well, you can probably guess. (And see for yourself at 5:41 of this clip.)

The B-52’s ode to a little cabin in the Georgia woods was played for all the world to hear on that day in San Francisco. We’re not sure if Jobs was a big ol’ B-52’s fan, or if he just wanted a harmless, happy song to play…

Either way, that little nugget should pretty much take care of your 80s trivia fix for the day.

“Love Shack” was released in the fall of 1989, and it became the first mainstream single from The B-52’s–– a quirky little band who had been around for the better part of a decade doing the underground/alternative thing. But just like that, they weren’t ‘underground’ anymore.

Written by the whole band and inspired by both The Temptations’ “Psychedelic Shack” and by a little cabin that B-52 Kate Pierson used to call home in the 70s, “Love Shack” was a mega-hit of the highest order. It spent 27 weeks on the Billboard chart, peaking at #3 for two weeks in November 1989.

…and if the song was fun and hip, the video was even more so.

Of course, looking back, we guess it’s pretty obvious why Jobs chose “Love Shack” for his little demo. It’s Just. That. Awesome. And it came from the 80s… so there’s that, too.

“Tiiiiiiiiiiiiin roof! Rusted.”

We ♥ Love Shack.


~ by weheart80s on July 18, 2012.

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