Popeye and Son

♫ ♪ “Whether we are workin’ or a-playin’, we’re together in whatever we do…”♪♪

Good ol’ Popeye’s been a part of our lives since way back in 1929, culminating with King Features’ Popeye the Sailor cartoons in the 60s.

And then in 1987, the spinach-guzzlin’ strongman made his return to the world of Saturday morning cartoons with Popeye and Son.

Yes, somewhere along the way Popeye and Olive Oyl finally got down to business and did the nasty (NOT an image we want floating around in our skulls), producing little Popeye Jr. And not to be outdone, Bluto and Mrs. Bluto also knocked boots, and young Tank was born.

Popeye and Son was pretty forgettable as cartoons go, airing right before Teen Wolf on CBS, but it did have it’s moments. If nothing else, having Popeye Jr. HATE the taste of spinach (though sucking it down anyway for his super-human strength) was a fresh little plot twist; finally there was a believable character in Popeye-ville.

Seriously, Popeye had been around for almost 60 years by that point, and we don’t recall any of our friends ever watching Popeye and muttering, “You know, that reminds me. I need to ask my mom if we can have spinach again for dinner tonight.”

No sir–– Popeye Jr. liked hamburgers, and we were right there with him.

Alas, Popeye and Son only lasted one short season on CBS’ Saturday morning lineup, and before Christmas of 1987, it was gone.

…which reminds us–– whatever happened to Swee’Pea? Popeye’s adopted son (or Olive’s cousin, depending on who you talk to) must have just been a figment of our imagination. Neither hide nor hair of him was ever seen in Popeye and Son.

Poor little guy. If only he’d eaten his spinach.

We ♥ Popeye and Son.

~ by weheart80s on July 26, 2012.

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